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Healers Network 26th Virtual Holistic Health and Wellness & Psychic Fair
So glad you are signing up to spend some time with us.
You can come and go all day.

In order for you to have the best experience:
~Set up a Free Zoom account for easier access
~Use your Zoom browser when logging in.
~Update to the latest Zoom update
The update is located under the resources tab, drop down to download the Zoom client, and follow the prompts to install. It is now at Version 5.10.7

1 PM-Event Starts
We will open with introductions, helping you to understand the event process, meet the crew that is available for the day,

Breakout Rooms will open at 1:30 pm Eastern:
You may move around on your own to the breakout rooms, Toggle your mouse on the bottom of your screen, (next to reactions) by pressing the blue breakout button or the 3 dots on the bottom.
Click on the button to open up the pop-up window, a white menu will pop up, and a green dot on the left will show you the open rooms. Click Join on the right side to enter a specific room.

#1 Playroom 30-minute FUN Experiences every 30 minutes
#2 Check-in for Psychic or Card Reading or Healing Appointments.
This is the Booking Room with available practitioners for your free 5-minutes & Check-in for your appointments. You also get reduced show prices.

Individual Virtual Breakout Rooms with Practitioners
All Practitioners/Vendors have their own private breakout rooms for private sessions, all identified with #.

Please do not go directly to their room without 1st checking into room #2 first, (we need to make sure they are not in session and sometimes schedules can run behind). Click on the blue Join button to the right of their name.

For all event info, bios, playroom experiences, upgrading to VIP

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You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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