Green Networking: Launching and Managing a Successful Sustainability Program in 10 Steps!
Launching and Managing a Successful Sustainability Program in 10 Steps
Learning Objectives
- Develop an effective process to allow employees to drive the process
- Explore techniques that can be used to keep the sustainability journey on track
- Understand the advantages of using a sustainability scorecard to track progress

Bill Zujewski, President: Green Business Bureau

Webinar Description
This webinar will provide a playbook for any organization that seeks to become a more sustainable and socially responsible business. We will outline a roadmap to help you strategize and plan your company’s transformation. We will identify the knowledge and tools needed so you can influence your management team and engage employees and other key stakeholders, integrate your values into your work and company operations, and drive system level change. Purpose-driven businesses are particularly well positioned to tackle the world’s biggest problems and with some grit and determination, that transformation is possible

At Green Business Bureau, we’ve defined ten steps to gear your company’s purpose, culture and focus towards sustainability. The steps are summarized as follows:

Step 1: Define your vision, mission and values
Step 2: Create a sustainability committee or green team
Step 3: Benchmark and assess your current sustainability performance
Step 4: Engage your employees.
Step 5: Plan, set goals and prioritize
Step 6: Implement the plan, establish and communicate new policies and practices
Step 7: Track progress
Step 8: Analyze your results and compare to goals and benchmarks
Step 9: Celebrate and communicate your accomplishments
Step 10: Get certified
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