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Demystifying Mindfulness
Come take a break from the planning-rushing-doing-trance to reconnect with yourself and be in community! If you have been curious about mindfulness this introductory webinar is a perfect way to get your feet wet!

Join Spirit Rock’s teacher and retreat leader Aiko Michot in an hour-long exploration of the different aspects of mindfulness. We will begin our journey with a guided meditation to enter a state of groundedness and receptivity. This will be followed by a series of fun activities to get an experiential taste of presence and how easy it is to restore our sense of aliveness, clarity and connection to what matters.

Finally, we will step into the magical space of emergence, where an individual's shared experience or question can catalyze insights for the collective. The hope is to reawaken the richness and joy that is possible when we approach each moment with an attitude of wonder and play.

As a result of this program, attendees will experience how to:
• Foster the conditions to increase more presence in their day-to-day life
• Set up a simple, engaging, and fun meditation practice
• Hold a safe and accepting space to be with difficulties
• Attune to the underlying motivations that generate compulsive thinking
• Meet needs for empathy, understanding and compassion just by turning a kind attention inwards
• Create a container for support, learning and growth for others
Aiko Michot - Biography

Aiko is certified by Mindful Schools and trained in Nonviolent Communication through BayNVC. She has attended over 120 days of Vipassana meditation retreats as both a participant and mentor. Her background in Science, Pedagogy and Buddhist philosophy allow for a unique secular mindfulness offering where participants can investigate how to bring more awareness into their work, personal and relational lives.

Apr 19, 2023 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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